Conservation Plan Presentation: Lake Retreat Homeowners Assn.
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Enhanced-TRD Proposal and Section-33 Options Presentation

To the Lake Retreat Homeowners Association

Attend this presentation to the Lake Retreat Homeowners Association members, and show your support for the Enhanced TDR Proposal. We'll be discussing the E-TDR, as well as talking with them about development-clustering on the 640 acres of Section 33.

The hope is that we can form a compromise with the landowners and developers to use much of that land as permanent open space, while allowing them to still get good return on their land investment. The thing to remember is that we're looking for the community's comment and hopefully support for us to propose this kind of clustering. So, join us for an informative and no-doubt lively discussion.

Who? FRCV Members and others
What? Presentation introducing the Enhanced-TDR Proposal, and some possible options for section 33 development proposals to the Lake Retreat Homeowners Association.
Where? Lake Retreat Baptist Camp Dining Hall
When? Wednesday February 4th, 2004, 7:00 PM