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Latest News: Conservation Plan and Priorities Published The Friends of Rock Creek Valley are pleased to announce the availability of the finished Rock Creek Valley Conservation Plan and Priorities.  [2004-10-05, More...]

Rock Creek in Spring Green Please use this site to learn about the natural resources in the valley, the recreational facilites and trails, and all about our group.

The Friends of Rock Creek Valley is a small, grass-roots, not-for-profit volunteer organization. We work within a 32+ square mile of south King County, Washington state that we call the Rock Creek Valley. In March 2001, the King County Council adopted the Rock Creek Valley Vision, created and championed by the FRCV.

The Friends of Rock Creek Valley (FRCV) works to protect, preserve and improve not only the creek and the areas right around it, but also the areas in the larger drainage basin and areas that--until FRCV formed--had few vocal advocates for preserving the forested and rural areas.

There are three main groups within FRCV: the Conservation Group, and the Trails Group. The two share much of their brain-power as well as efforts, since maintaining a good trail system often involves ensuring the areas are protected from development. Similarly, protecting wildlife habitat can sometimes be more easily achieved by allowing recreational access to and area, rather than completely prohibiting access. The FRCV Steering Committee coordinates the activities and other FRCV business. For complete information about the FRCV, and how to become involved, visit the Getting Involved section.

Where is Rock Creek?

Although Rock Creek is a small stream by some standards, it's one of the very few waterways in King County that still provides excellent salmon spawning and rearing areas. The greater Rock Creek Valley area still has large areas of forest that provide habitat for many species of plant and wildlife. Valley residents enjoy their homes, farms, businesses and the many recreational facilities. Others come to the valley from the surrounding communities to enjoy the valley's rural forested character.

The Rock Creek originates near Black Diamond, WA, near a small lake known as "Lake 12" It winds its way around and to the northwest for just over 9 miles, finally flowing into the Cedar River near the city of Maple Valley, WA.

For more information about Rock Creek and the areas the Friends of Rock Creek are involved with, visit that section of the Web site.

What is FRCV doing these days?

The Friends of Rock Creek are involved with a wide variety of projects around the area. Our current highest-priority effort is putting together a draft conservation plan, working with local residents, other groups, and local government agencies.

You can always find out what's happening around the Rock Creek Valley by visiting the News and Events section.

To learn about our past, present and future projects, visit the Projects section.

Where do we get our funding?

Since the FRCV is a volunteer organization, we receive funding from grants, projects and programs supported by other local organizations, city, state and federal goverments, and even private donations from individuals and businesses. For information on how you can help, visit the fund raising section of the Web site.